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CVL 2019
Nous vous présentons les nouveaux membres du CVL pour l'année 2019/2020 ( dont Jerroudi Faiza BTSPME2 absente sur la photo).
Ciné Clic, ça repart !

On Wednesday 20th, 2019 around 1p.m. we finally entered the bus that would lead us to Roanne. We – or Mr Poupardin and Mr Le Berre – struggled to put the windmill in the baggage hold of the bus: it was too big!

And off we went, the trip lasted around 7 hours.

Then we arrived to the Catalpa of Roanne, where we stayed for the whole trip. The cottages were beautiful and the gardens outside great. We settled and then had a meal.


We enjoyed not having the internet: we met instead and had fun. We visited the surroundings.

On Thursday 21st, we arrived to the IUT of Roanne. After the breakfast we installed the windmill in a room.

The teachers gave us our flashy-pink tee-shirts and our badges. Then we started working on our windmill, to improve it.


On the afternoon,  we teamed up for the challenges to come.

The challenges consisted in:

    - the human windmill

    - piezo (creating energy with our feet)

    - sawing the aluminum bar

    - the windmen (a rawing conquest)

    - the roule  bouboule (getting a ball in a hole with a blower)


We arrived 2nd out of 25 teams!!!


Poupy then tried an overboard.


Then on the evening there was the ‘‘Repas des Régions’’. Each team brought something from their region.

On Friday 22nd, we made the last tests on our wind turbine… and then at 3p.m., it happened… our wind turbine gave us 4636 joules! It started turning at 25km per hour only!


Then other challenged happened. We broke 15 records!

On the evening, we attended the gala. Only the Dreux Team made an effort and dressed-up! Other IUT students came with their tee-shirts, their sweat-pants…


We left the gala at 11p.m.

On Saturday morning, we attended a quiz. From 23rd (and last place), we went to the 19th, the 13th… and the 8th place!

There were even questions in English!

 We left at midday… we arrived back in Dreux at 7p.m.


Everybody enjoyed these few days in Roanne.

We want to thank our teachers and the IUT of Roanne.


We also would like to remember everybody that we are only the 1STL2 and that we beat 16 IUTs!



The class of 1STL2 of 2019.


 Les videos !